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  • Successful Meetings Start with This

    Over time, you’re going to notice a pattern with me.  Meetings are a hot topic for me.  I am a proponent of fewer meetings on the calendar, and my most viewed reel on Instagram is a picturesque landscape that simply says “This could have been an email”.  Despite my disdain for meetings, I have an……

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  • The Promotion Game; How to Justify a Climb up the Ladder

    I wish promotions were doled out in an efficient and logical manner, automatically rewarding those that work hard and are truly deserving of moving up the ranks.  I wish all managers were well versed in career coaching and people management to properly get their employees where they need to be for success (sadly many are……

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  • Maximize Your 1:1s to Support Your Growth

    Visibility and perception are key in the corporate world, and that starts with your relationship with your direct supervisor.  Preparing your talking points ahead of your meetings and applying some structure around them yourself can result in great returns (while also providing your boss with some guidance on how best to support you). Most managers……

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  • My Layoff Stories; From Laid Off to Being Left Behind

    I had other topics I slated to post this week, but the ongoing news of the layoffs in the tech industry made me take pause.  I have been on both sides of the fence; I have been laid off and I have been someone “left behind” in the aftermath.  While I think the anxiety of……

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  • Top 3 Things to Do Your First Week on the Job

    If you find yourself starting a new job soon, congratulations! You have successfully navigated through the ATS bots, HR screens, multiple rounds of interviews and background checks to make it to where you are today.  Forbes estimates that an average of 118 people apply to each job posted and you triumphed over all of them. ……

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  • Become a Better Speaker; Talk to Yourself

    Ah meeting facilitation.  It is an art form, it is.  It is so much so that one of my goals this quarter is to publish an online course on meeting facilitation. There is plenty of advice out there on how to become a more confident speaker and presenter.  The easiest and most accessible one to……

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  • Cancel all your Meetings this Month (or do this if you can’t bear that)

    Anyone enjoy that lull in the latter half of December?  That time when meetings start to drop off the calendar, when so many people are taking time off that meetings cease to exist because there’s literally no one to attend them (a bit of a tree falls in the woods scenario at this point)?  You……

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  • How to Tame the “Sunday Scaries”

    The “Sunday Scaries” has cemented its presence on social media, representing the existential dread of the impending work week.  While this dread has been around since we’ve had a five day work week, it has propelled itself into prominence in the last few years. I waded through Urban Dictionary to understand it better.  The leading……

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  • Welcome


    Hello! Never did I think I would be revisiting a format of expression I dabbled in over two decades ago…but here we are. Over time I discovered that while I love what I have accomplished in the corporate world, I still felt a need for creative expression. An independent streak that I hope to explore……

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